Ourselves, Unashamed

It seems that we all had the 'cool' kids back in middle and high school - the ones who were always incredibly popular, who wore the trendiest clothes, who were always the first to purchase the newest technology (yes, back in middle school, it meant having a BlackBerry Curve). The cool kids at school always [...]

A Game to Bring Some More Positive Emotions Into Your Day

The rules are simple. Below is a list of questions/actions that are meant to be answered when playing with your friends. Inspired by We're Not Really Strangers, all I'm going to ask from you is to send the link of this post to your friends. If the person you sent it to can and wants [...]

June 25th

I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but I simply couldn't put all my ideas in one place. I've always been a very sensitive person - even as a little girl, I was overly sensitive to the remarks I got from my parents or others, to the events that took place around [...]

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Effortless Grace

'Saddlebags', 'bat-wings' Flat abs - don't eat all those things Perkier chest, rounder hips Look your best on your holiday trips Do this workout every day, If you want to see the fat melt away Run with me and you will see, Burn 1000 calories, I guarantee Brazilian butt in just two weeks Transformations: sneak-peaks! [...]

Day #(?) of the Pandemic

Hey, guys. I'm writing this with my head dropped forward because there are a lot of things on my mind. Ever since I was taught monetary values and conversions, 1 USD was equivalent to 1500 Lebanese pounds (LBP). The variations were rather minimal, somewhat stable, fluctuating between 1509 LBP and 1515 LBP - as well [...]

A Different Type of Comment on the BLM Movement

I don’t think anyone needs me to explain what the Black Lives Matter Movement is at this point. It is beyond me how such powerful countries were founded on racism, sexism, hate, and insatiable thirst for power – here in Lebanon, we know that the country’s foundations over the past 30-35 years were corruption and [...]

Quarantine Journal #15

"Before this confinement began, I was in this state of study-holism - studying tremendously for the midterms to get the final GPA I had set my mind to get. I was doing pretty well, revising day-by-day, but at the same time there were a lot of elements in my daily life that were bothering me, [...]

Quarantine Journal #14

"I think that this confinement made me realize how little we appreciate simple things; going to the grocery store nowadays means taking risks, while we typically went to buy a small pack of chewing gum or a bag of chips without imagining that things would change so drastically. This reminds us that we should slow [...]